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Pre-Tested Digital Marketing Campaigns for Lead Generation

Digital Marketing Game Plansfor retail owners.for marketers.for web designers.for any business.

Digital marketing blueprints crafted by experts across a wide range of industry sectors. Quickly and effectively launch advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Banner networks and more at a fraction of the cost of a marketing agency!

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Digital Marketing Sales Goals

Industry Specific
Game Plans

Pre-tested and optimized digital marketing campaigns with seasonal game plans and ready to launch – Plus all our game plans are prepared by experts across a variety of online advertising channels.

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  • Landing Page Layouts

    Pre-built, pre-tested landing pages optimized for improved quality scores (with AdWords campaigns) and categorized by industry / seasonality.

  • Search and Banner Display Ads

    Pre-packaged AdWords campaigns plus Facebook and banner display ads optimized for high converting keywords and ad copies.

  • Seasonal, Year-Round or Custom

    Campaigns designed and tested by digital marketing experts across a wide range of industries – Launch seasonal driven promotions or fully customizable campaigns designed to convert visitors into sales.

Digital Marketing Advertizing Channels
Digital Marketing Resources

Work With Experts
To Set-up & Launch
Your Campaigns

We leverage our resources and work with a variety of outsourced talent to get the job done right for you – And all at a fraction of the cost of a digital marketing agency . . . and no-hidden-fees!

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Not sure how to get started? Toll-Free 866-297-9532 to talk to an expert now.


Fully-packaged blueprints with everything you need to launch a successful online campaign to promote your business

Landing Pages for Digital Marketing
High-Conversion Optimized Landing Pages
Lead generation for paid traffic

Industry-specific and pre-tested for conversion, our optimized SEO landing pages are designed to drive traffic and increase conversions among visitors. In addition, these landing pages are ready for A/B testing across a range of calls-to-action.

Google Ads Optimized Copywriting for Digital Marketing
Pre-tested Google Ad Copies & Bidding Strategies
AdWords pre-tested ad campaigns

Ad copies that have been tested / optimized for efficiency and higher conversion rates. Plus a complete set of ad copies for search and display networks categorized by campaign objectives.

Digital Marketing banner ads creation
Creative Banner Ads for Remarketing
Banners designed to convert clicks

A complete set of banner ads created for your business and part of a broader remarketing campaign designed to drive more leads back to your landing page or website.  In addition, these banners are carefully designed for conversion while respecting your existing look & feel.

Keyword Research for Digital Marketing
High Converting Keywords
Optimized for better bidding

A compilation of keywords for maximum conversion and quality scores that ensure your bidding is low-cost-effective and based on geo-location, industry-specific demographics that yield qualitative traffic.

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