Crowdfunding Marketing For Active Campaigns

Managed Marketing Services for Live Kickstarter & Indiegogo Campaigns


If your crowdfunding campaign is already live but you feel that the numbers for backer and pledges acquisition and your funding goal are out of reach or need a way to reach out to more backers, we have a crowdfunding marketing strategy that can help. When it comes to enhancing a crowdfunding project, we need to maximize every remaining time of your crowdfunding campaign, down to the last minute. If you are using Kickstarter and Indiegogo as platforms, our crowdfunding marketing management services will ensure that the success of your campaign is still possible.

  • Multi-channel Social Advertising: Facebook Ads tailored to your product industry, YouTube Pre-roll Ads, Banner Ads via Remarketing Networks and more

  • PR, Media & Backers Outreach: We'll reach out to key influencers such as bloggers, journalists and anyone with access to mass outlets. We'll craft and distribute compelling press releases alongside reaching out to active crowdfunding backers

  • Social Media Boosting: We’ll do a push-pull revamp to all social media profiles of your product and drive massive numbers of followers, likes mentions, new subscribers, retweets and more

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Crowdfunding Marketing Services (Active Campaigns)

Boosting your current crowdfunding campaign

Time is in essence with actively running crowdfunding campaigns. We need to act fast and by leveraging our powerful tools and crowdfunding marketing expertize, we’ll bring life into your active crowdfunding campaign. Our Kickstarter and Indiegogo expert crowdfunding marketing team has the knowledge and toolset to boost your existing project and aim to achieve the crowdfunding goals you desired. We will create and design all marketing materials and social media assets to be used on the advertising channels, provide conceptual copywriting for press releases and media outreach, develop, launch and manage a strategic advertising campaign on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other relevant social media advertising outlets, boost your project social profiles and more.

In a nutshell, items included in our active projects crowdfunding marketing services are:

  1. A professional Facebook and Display Networks advertising campaign setup accompanied by a 30-45 days daily management and ad testing (as per the total length of your campaign)
  2. 55-65% of the total cost is dedicated to run the paid advertising campaign (ad dollars spent)
  3. 1-2 Press Release copywriting and distribution, including influencers outreach and engagement
  4. Social media profile-boosting: we’ll grow your audience organically (and paid) targeting to create’buzz’ about your campaign by generating massive followers, likes, retweets, subscribes and more
  5. Outstanding customer support and campaign result reports on weekly basis.

Ad Campaigns Managed by Experts

Expert Level Facebook Marketing
We’ll drive highly targeted traffic to your campaign page with expert level Facebook campaigns that yields high CTR’s and low CPC’s, while keeping everything under-budget
A/B Testing for Higher Conversions
We’ll see how your ads are performing, then optimize by setting up an A/B test to start discovering what works for your audience.