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YouTube ads will get your video production, product or services promotion, events or any video of your business in front of a targeted audience: we'll set-up your YouTube ads video production and prepare the stage for leads and opportunities that video advertising can bring to your business.

  • We'll manage your YouTube Ads video promotion and ad copies, targeting users by age, location & gender, types of videos they watch, hobbies and activities, business and industry, shopping behavior, travel methods, online spending and much more!

  • You'll get a monthly report highlighting your campaign stats and success rates.

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YouTube Ads Management: Targeted Viewers

Get Your Video in Front of a Targeted Audience that Matters

Our YouTube ads management services are provided by display advertising experts highly experienced in promoting small businesses in very competitive niches and guarantee to provide maximized results for your budget. YouTube is by far the largest video advertising platform and second largest search engine in the world.

Included in the YouTube Ads Management

Youtube Ads - Preroll

Pre-roll YouTube Ads

These ads are shown before the video you have selected to view. We can target your video ad to play to a specific demographic or before specific video audiences.

Youtube Ads - Sidebar

Sidebar YouTube Ads

These are video ads that appear at the top right-hand corner of the viewers play page. This type of ads can also be targeted to a specific demographic or targeted to appear on specific audiences.

Youtube Ads - Search

Search YouTube Ads

This type of video ad content appears when a user performs a keyword search on YouTube. Your video ad will appear on the search page with other promoted ads and organic results. Once the viewer selects your ad, they will be taken to a ‘video play page’ where they can watch your video content or click the ‘video channel page’ links to be taken to your website for more information or to buy

Your Engagement

In order to get started with your YouTube ads campaign, our team may require some items to be uploaded/sent upon successful confirmation of your purchase. You will be provided with access to upload & manage your documents and/or your brand collaterals inside your account area created automatically after the checkout process.

What We'll Need From You

  1. A description of your business: You will need to provide a short description of your business and the main product, service or offer that you would like to promote. Descriptions could also be provided by providing us with your URL/website of your business (if you have one)
  2. Your video(s): you will need to provide us with the video(s) you want to promote via upload or a link
  3. Your website URL: your business website or landing page to where we’ll drive the traffic to.
  4. Your YouTube Channel Access: if you own a YouTube channel, our team may require access to your account to properly connect the advertising campaign. Instructions on how to grant access will be provided by our team, if necessary.


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