I have worked on a multitude of projects in the past twelve years, both with my former company and now with Blueprinted.  Having worked with hundreds of small, large and medium-sized businesses from coast to coast, in both Canada and the United States, I have had a bird’s eye view into many companies and have had the unique opportunity to see first-hand the challenges they face. While working on their digital marketing strategies, I have collaborated, advised, and celebrated in these businesses successes. Some were at the very introductory / idea stage of their business, while others were seasoned companies that were launching a new product line, or breaking into a new territory.

Gustavo Natotschiev - Founder & CEO of Blueprinted Marketing Co.
I believe that digital marketing, when properly implemented, is the ultimate leveler. Regardless of a company's size, online, it has the potential to compete with the biggest industry players. My greatest passion is helping businesses achieve success through well-thought-out and carefully measured digital strategies, and Blueprinted Marketing was conceptualized under this vision.
Gustavo Natotschiev

Founder, CEO | Blueprinted Marketing

We leverage our internal resources and work with a variety of outsourced – both local and international – talent to get the job done right for our clients. Our core team brings decades of experience with backgrounds in marketing, business networking, and digital services. Our headquarters is currently based in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, with a satellite office located in San Diego, California, US.

Michelle Maloney
Michelle Maloney
Partner, Marketing Specialist
In the last 15 years, Michelle has gained invaluable and diverse professional experience with the federal government, NGOs, and start-up companies while working in high tech, international health, international educational, and digital marketing sectors.
Dave Darling
Business Developer (Canada)
With 30+ years of experience in the print / graphic design industry and working with multinational corporations, Dave brings a wide range of business development skills to help clients grow their brands by implementing strategic digital marketing strategies.
Malika Saouab
Malika Saouab
Digital Marketing Cordinator
With a PR and multimedia background and a strong interest in human behavior and communications, Malika is passionate about utilizing digital media and technology, aside from coordinating our projects and improving client satisfaction success.
Cristian Reyes
Business Developer (US)
Our representative in the US territory brings years of entrepreneurial expertize in a variety of industries, connecting businesses with the expert-talent acquisition to deliver custom-made digital marketing game plans while leveraging his extensive business network.
CASE STUDIES: A Sample of What We Do

We’ve been harnessing the power of advertising and the search engines to generate targeted traffic acquisition, conversions and return on investment for our clients for quite some time. Here’s a shortlist selection of delivered strategies and success stories achieved in the past.

Second Cup


  • 180k+
    Visibility Reached Online
  • 65%
    Increase in Foot-Traffic
  • 6000+
    New Users Signup

Free Coffee Rewards Program: Driving Foot-Traffic


With a new franchise store opening in a highly competitive, market-saturated location, and a three months campaign duration assignment, we were tasked with achieving three main objectives:

  • Increase the visibility of a new franchisee store location
  • Drive foot-traffic for the breakfast rush hour
  • Register new members for the coffee rewards program


  • We used programmatic display to identify, segment and target two sets of audiences – ‘New users’ and ‘Shared Users’. To do this, we placed retargeting pixels and Dynamic Product Tags throughout the coffee rewards landing page that we specifically designed for the campaign.
  • Initially, this involved targeting behavioral intent audiences – ‘New users’ – across highly relevant social sites and paid advertising traffic acquisition, driving them to discover the new location and to engage online by signing up for the coffee rewards program.
  • “Existing users” could then “share their rewards” about the promotion with specific messaging to their corresponding friends. This was achieved through an onsite share functionality with the “email a friend” interaction once initial sign up was accomplished. The “Shared Users” were then identified through a cookie dropped via the corresponding email and Dynamic Product Ads were served to them featuring the “free coffee rewards program”  that their respective friends had obtained.


  • 85k+
    Social Shared Content
  • 30%
    Increase in price-sensitive costumers profile
  • 300+
    New test-drive requests online

New Vehicle Showcase & Dealership Awareness


With the launch of the new GLA-Class Mercedez-Benz line-up, we were tasked with achieving the following objectives:

  • Increase local brand awareness for the dealership
  • Reach the “affordable luxury” demographics segment
  • Acquire new vehicle test-drive requests


  • We designed a dynamic landing page to showcase the pre-launch of the new GLA-Class vehicle, implementing a content-centric strategy based on price-sensitive consumer demographics online and offline behaviors, with CTA’s focused on acquiring new test-drive form requests.
  • Analytics activity was integrated into the overall strategy which allowed us to successfully identify the role each media channel played in increasing test-drive requests volume. We also identified the relevant PPC and SEO keywords each form request users typed in at the different stages of the funnel.
  • A social media content distribution and engagement management campaign was implemented in conjunction with the pre-launch of the new vehicle, increasing the popularity of the dealerships’ social channels by showcasing offline activities of the company staff, sales reps, customer appreciation events, and the company’s philanthropic engagements.
Marble Zip Tours


  • 360k+
    Social Shared Content
  • 90%
    Increase in international visibility
  • 3000+
    New booking requests online in the first season
  • 200k+
    Video views on first quarter from launch

Adventure Tourism: International Visibility Breakthrough


With the grand-opening of  Marble Zip Tours, an adventure tourism company located in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, we engaged from visual concept to traffic acquisition and brand awareness, with the following objectives:

  • Conceptualize, design and develop a new website with an interactive seasonality-based feature
  • Produce an action-style video portraying the company’s “adrenaline-fueled experience” services and products
  • Reach potential tourists in new markets – the UK, North Eastern United States and Ontario
  • Increase the number of client repeat experiences
  • Attract more business during the off-season


  • We’ve designed a multi-season dynamic website by implementing a season-switch front-end functionality interactivity displaying different service options based on the summer and winter seasons. We also developed a customized booking mechanism, with CTA’s focused on new reservation requests
  • Deployed a multi-channel, CPC/CPM paid advertising campaign focused on international geo-targeted locations, inducing a high CTR of 1.5%+ and acquiring adventure tourism visitors from the UK, Ireland and the US
  • Analytics activity allowed us to successfully identify the role each paid and organic media channel played in increasing the international visibility and tour booking requests volume. We also identified the relevant PPC cost and related SEO keywords each form request users typed in at the different stages of the booking funnel
  • Directed and produced an action-style video incorporating all stages of the “adrenaline environment” and adventure services offered, highlighting safety procedures, various customer’s demographics and captured emotions. A variety of camera equipment was used, including hand-held devices, head-mounted GoPro’s, aerial drones and steady-cam
  • We produced monthly engaging “cornerstone”, F.A.Q and infographic content for social media distribution, increasing the popularity of the Marble Zip’s social channels and driving brand awareness