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Crowdfunding Marketing Influencers
Crowdfunding Video Production

It Start's With
A Kick-Ass Video Production

If you are going to invest time and money launching a crowdfunding campaign, do it right from the get-go! You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a cinematic production, but you also can’t afford to have a mediocre video that will misrepresent your amazing product.  How long should your video be for optimized success? What about the quality of your video?

We will craft a compelling script, direct and produce a crowdfunding video that is about incorporating the right calls to action, the highest quality cinematography with perfect studio sound, meaningful marketing message, a story that engages in virality mode and much more!


And Building
Project Pages

Crowdfunding page design layouts are all about crafting a compelling marketing message and sales pitch. Beautiful graphics on their own will not sell – and that’s where our expertize comes in to play by finding the perfect balance between eye-candy and pitch-perfect context.

We work closely with you during the entire creative process to understand your product features, differentials, and ultimate goals.

Crowdfunding Page Design Services

Now Let's Drive
That Massive Audience
Of Potential Backers

Now it’s time to engage in traffic acquisition, and lot’s of it. To create “that buzz” necessary for a successful crowdfunding campaign your product needs to be presented in front of massive influencers such as journalists, bloggers, and relevant news media. Social media appearance plays an important role and multi-channel advertising online is a must – and that’s our expertise.

  • Multi-channel Social Advertising

    Facebook Ads tailored to your project industry and by using crowdfunding backers directory, YouTube Pre-roll Ads, Banner Ads via Remarketing Networks and more

  • PR, Media & Backers Outreach

    Let’s reach out to those influencers that will make a difference: bloggers, journalists and anyone with access to mass outlets. We craft and distribute compelling press releases alongside reaching out to active crowdfunding backers (yes, we have access to a list of thousands of active backers!) through social media and email marketing.

  • Social Media Boosting

    We’ll design, create and/or enhance all social media profiles of your product and drive massive numbers of followers, likes mentions, new subscribers, retweets and more to ensure your product gets maximum exposure from social media.


Active Campaigns only:  do you qualify?
  • If  you have a strong and communicative campaign page
  • If your advertising and public relations efforts haven’t been successful
  • If you need to boost the marketing of your campaign to achieve your goals
  • If your campaign is at least two weeks away from completion date
View the Blueprint for active campaigns
Our Full-Service Campaigns are designed to:
  • Develop marketing materials, videography, and a campaign page
  • Build your social following and outreach backers through press coverage
  • Drive massive traffic with optimized advertising through multi-channels
  • Projects that are at least six weeks away from launching
View the blueprint for full-service management
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